Trip to London

I had a small trip to London, at the end of 2014. In my view, this city is more closer to St. Petersburg than to Moscow if we compare common sense of speed and life style of each city. I want to share some interesting details that I collect through my journey.


Public transport is very popular in London. Most cars on the street are cabs. It’s costly to have your own car there, because there is no enough parking places, moreover, taxes and petrol prices are quite high.

Interesting hand-rails in Gatwick Express on the way to Victoria station:

Perhaps, to save place for pedestrians, all bus stops have constructed in the way that their backs turned to the road:

Double-decker buses cut branches of trees on their routs:

When person on a wheelchair wants to get into the bus. The bus stops in front of him, lowers the closest side to stand nearer disabled person and a small bridge appears.


A ceiling in carriages is curved so passengers don’t stand in front of doors as they do in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Moreover, you can find a small standing seats at the beginning and at the end of each carriage.

Everywhere in subway you can find different posters with an information about future changes in timetable, recommendations of how to reduce money for metro tickets or other announces.


The are a lot of different small things that make this city so charming. One of such details is the way how they name streets or write warnings.

It is hard to guess what it is. By the way, it is a ceiling in Starbucks. Yeah, you can see pedestrians right over you.

Dinner tables with scooters as chairs, along river shores at Camden Town market:

Other typical views of London:

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