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The broken clavicle

At the beginning of 2015 I bought the ticket for a 70,3 Ironman triathlon which take place in Pescara in 14 of June. I found trainers for each discipline, for bicycling, swimming and running. Exercises on a bicycle took places on a track where a surface is partly horisontal and partly inclined up to 42°. This is how our track looks like:

In this sport every sportsman use trackers to measure different aspects of each training to learn how to increase performance of particular activity. I use Garmin 920 XT with a hart rate monitor.

Three weeks ago I sloped from my bike at the beginning of a training and broke my clavicle. My tracker wes switched on at the moment of the slope. On the graphic bellow you can see how my heart reacted on this. Three minutes from the slope my HRM falled from 136 bpm(bit per minute) to 46 bpm. After an hour it stabilised at the level of 58 bpm.

Here the picture of my fracture.

At the day of the slope I was operated and got a titanium plate with 6 screws. Nowadays I am recovering and have a plan to return back to my trainings.

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