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Myth about a long term goals motivation

There is a myth that states that if you can name your goals, write them, print them out, frame them and then hang them on the wall in your bedroom they will motivate you to achieve them. This is wrong, especially if we talk about long term goals(LTG). The LTG are great when you create a plan that contains small steps that you need to take to get the final result. And you need energy to fulfill these steps.

You can get a small amount of energy when you, for example visualize your future LTG. But mostly you energise from some present sources. This is where most people make a mistake while they are thinking about how to achieve their goals. They think that the LTG are the main source of energy but it is totally wrong. If you want to fulfill these steps to achieve a great result you need to think precisely about sources of energy you have at the time you are acting. Moreover, these sources might don’t have anything common with the LTG at all. They might be sport activities, family or even farming; actually, it dosen’t matter.

If you think that the LTG can give you enough energy to achieve them. Once you might face a problem on your way, and to overcome this problem you can not get enough energy from the LTG and you fall in depression in such a situation. Hence, it is smart to have another source of energy to prevent such a situation.

This is why I think it is important to know that the LTG are great to create a strong plan. And to follow this plan it is wise to know what sources of energy can help you stay motivated during your way towards them.

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